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Keep whatever you currently have at home, we make our system adaptable to your home setting.

Modular Design

Select what feature you want to be aware of at home, and we will expand it for you.


Our systems are wireless and extremely easy to install, no hard-wiring required.

We are there for you.
Being constantly worried about your independent senior relatives’ safety, who live miles away, is pretty frustrating.
Our vision is to create a peace of mind for all the caregivers, no matter where they are. Our mission is to allow the caregivers to monitor their senior families to ensure their safety in real-time.
How It Works


Emerlet’s multifunctional system allows you to monitor the stove and alerts you when sound sources, such as smoke detectors and security alarms, are activated.

Monitor the stove, get a notification when important sounds at home are activated without disturbing independent living of your loved ones.


Emerlet System

Emerlet app allows you to be aware of senior relative’s surounding at all time no matter where you are.
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About Us

Veebar Tech Inc is a Canadian start-up company which aims to develop smart-home systems to support independent aging adults at home.

Starting from 2018, the company has been working closely with seniors and senior community centres to understand their pain in order to serve them better.

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